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12 months önce

Focusing on yourself can be a real challenge as an entrepreneur, especially when your company is still young. The metaphorical blood, sweat and tears required to accomplish your goals may have resulted in your company’s success, and you couldn’t be more proud: The brand is your baby, and you’re seeing it grow up.

However, in much the same way as happens with child-rearing, you may lose yourself as you focus on the betterment of that which you care for.


When you’re a parent, this means leaving aside hobbies and personal time;  when you’re an entrepreneur , you’ll likely lose track of your personal brand. But what you may not realize is that by developing your personal brand, you’ll open doors for your company as well.


After all, what is a company but a group of people? And who wouldn’t want to meet a famous CEO?

Building a personal brand, just like a company brand, is not something you can do overnight, or over a weekend (unless you’re very, very lucky and make news). However, with dedication and consistency, you too will be on your way to having the cachet of a Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg or Tony Robbins. Here’s how you start:


Understand your current digital presence.

If you haven’t recently, Google your name. This is most effectively done in an Incognito tab or equivalent (every browser has an option to search without cookies), so you can see what the true results are.

 Take note of what pops up . If you haven’t invested in much or  any personal branding , it’s likely that you’re going to get a mixed bag of people who have the same name as you, and your social media accounts. Depending on how your company page is structured, that should be near the top as well.

I cannot emphasize this enough: Check all of the links on the front page. Make sure there’s nothing embarrassing or questionable: embarrassing images, angry social updates and the like can be a deciding factor for investor interest.


Make sure that the description of your site is clear


An easy step to take that has a big impact is to enhance the About page on your company. Make sure that the description of your site is clear, easy to read and engaging. Put into a prominent position on the page your headshot (which will show in image searches), including an appropriate alt-tag, along with your name, title and social media links.

If you have a personal website — which I suggest you create, if you haven’t already — ensure it’s simple and easy to read and includes your headshot, title, a link to your company and your social links, as well. This is a great place to host a personal blog, which will do wonders for your personal branding, and which we’ll talk about more in a minute.